Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Make up research: Civil Rights

Civil Rights: The Montgomery Bus Movement

This movement started in December of 1955. Rosa Parks, an African American, was one a bus ride home on Montgomery, Alabama when a white man demanded her to move to the back so he can have her seat. She refused to move and was arrested. That started the bus boycott that lasted a little over a year. People in the black community organized the boycotts and their refusal to ride buses was hard on the cities bus and shop economical standing. The bus boycotts started a lot of violence, however. The website, historylearningsite, states, “The black community of Montgomery started using the buses again on December 21st 1956. However, the argument used by the city’s leaders in court came true. Buses were shot at, four churches were bombed, and a bomb was found on the porch of Martin Luther King’s home. Seven white men were arrested for these but no-one was ever found guilty – a deal was done whereby those blacks arrested under the anti-boycott laws had their charges dropped while the seven men had their charges dropped (though King still had to pay his $500 fine).” Finally the boycotts stopped and the integration of buses was allowed.

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