Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ain't Afraid of Your Jails

Some of the tactics used by the students and community members included non- violent protests and sit- ins. There were workshops lead by a few protest leaders that got the attention of students and community members whom opposed segregation. Their protests started when leaders Jim and Diane first walked into white dining areas and waited to be served. At one point Diane had said that " the waitresses were so nervous that they must've broken thousands of dollars of plates that night. It was hard nor to laugh, but they would pick one up and drop it, then pick the next one up and drop that. They were scared of us." The group members would just go to segregated places, sit in the whites side, and wait to be tended to. And if they were attacked, they did not fight back, no matter how bad the situation got.

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  1. It was hard to watch the movie when the members were getting beat up on because they just wanted to be treated the same way the whites were treated.