Monday, November 21, 2011

Freedom Rides= Change for all

The first thing that resulted in the freedom rides were the counter sit ins. Black students from 4 different colleges wanted a change so that why they devolped the sit ins at local diners. the interesting part is that even when they got arrested the people at the counter sitting, the next rave sat down in the chairs. They had so many blacks partipate in the act to better our country. Ben West was the mayor then and at the beginning of the sit ins he was not for them at all, but after the sit ins, the freedom ride began. The freedom ride was designed for blacks as well as white people helped too. Tipically the white people ride in the front of the bus, but the road thousands of miles with two busses where the white's sat in the back and allowed the blacks the front. A black man said " One thing we did right was the day we started the fight". This is so true in so many ways, if it wasnt for those sit in and the freedom ride we wouldnt all be equal like everyone is. It was intresting that Ben West mayor finally reliezed what was going on and did admit what was happening was wrong in so many ways and after he spoke from the heart of a real man (not just speaking from the mayors point of view) he changed everyhting for everyone. Three weeks after he spoke the black people finally got justice and was served at the counter.


  1. Makes me wonder how it must have been like to experience being apart of a sit-in with having people full of hate attack and berate you. Let alone remaining non-violent, because I know that it would have been difficult for me to keep my cool.

  2. Those students sacrificed so much for what they believed was right and are people we should all look up too. It is sad that it took the white people to attack the students with violence before anything was changed though.