Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ain't scared of your jails

Students and community members started their protesting because they couldn't "wait" any longer. They used tactics that were non violent in order to maintain the title of peace maker while causing tension to come to the surface. This is a tactic to put pressure for change. This took a lot of courage and practice to not fight back even when people were brutal.

Ben West played a big political role by answering the "big" question as a man. That he did feel it was wrong to segregate colored people.

The freedom ride was important to the change and I enjoyed how the one guy said "That ride was like a military operation" because of all the police and riot going on while trying to accomplish their goal in peace and the right to ride the bus upfront.

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  1. Its crazy that the ride was really like a military operation, it showed how important the issue was becoming throughout the nation, and in the long run, it truly was all worth it.