Monday, November 28, 2011

Extra credit prompt: Using persuasion creatively in a radio ad

}You may get up to half a grade upgrade for this work, depending on the quality of the work. In other words, you can potentially move from a B- to a B+ or from a B to an A-.  This is a significant opportunity to increase your final overall grade.
}The task: Create a 30-second radio-style advertisement for one of these products: hand soap, a carwash, sneakers, or a beauty shop.  You must focus your advertisement mainly using chiefly either logos or pathos for your appeal.  You will ask me which one and I will tell you which way to lean with your advertisement.
}You will write out the ad copy and post it to the blog, and then you will also record yourself on video performing the advertisement, and post that to the blog along with your ad copy. 
}Remember, some conventions for radio ads are: repeat product name to enhance audience awareness, 30 seconds exactly in length, use some sort of dramatic situation to demonstrate viability of product, use of spokesperson or endorsement, use of research or statistics for demographic, etc.  You have heard many radio ads in your life, so think about the variety and how they make arguments for the audience.
}This extra credit must be done and on the blog by Tuesday at noon of Finals Week.  Have fun and good luck! 

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