Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Aint Scared of Your Jails Response

Why did students and community members start their protests? They started it because they felt they should all be treated equal and no one should be denied anything just because of their skin color. African Americans and also some Caucasians were sick of how African Americans were being denied access to certain amenities such as restaurants and transportation. They thought that treating others like an animal or just some object was morally wrong. They felt very strongly that all be treated equally and were willing to do whatever it took to achieve this.

My response to watching “Aint Scared of Your Jails” was astonishment. I was astonished by what they overcame and what they helped people oversee, but more importantly, how they did it all. No matter how they were treated, they never showed any violence. Without this group, who knows where society would be today. One man from the video said, “One thing we did right was the day we started the fight.” I agree immensely with this quote. If it wasn’t for the people in this group that helped change the peoples’ view on the subject, we wouldn’t be as united as a nation as we are today.

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  1. I was also blown away by the treatment the Freedom Riders underwent and yet they still continued to push forward.