Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ain't Scared of Your Jails

The tactics the students were trying to use were nonviolent protests. They started out doing sit in’s at local stores. Soon after they did the freedom ride through the Deep South, even threw violent opposition, the freedom riders still maintained their nonviolent stance. One of the most striking moments of the movie that I found to catch my eye was when Ben West was asked as a man if he felt what was happening was right. His response was. “…that I could not agree that it was morally right for someone to sell them merchandise and refuse them service. And I had to answer it just exactly that way...I would answer it the same way because it was a moral and it was one that a man has to answer and not a politician." It took a lot of courage to say something like this, given the circumstances.


  1. It makes me think about how hard it really was to not hit back even though your friend was getting pummeled in front of you.

  2. When Ben West answered Diane Nash, it really showed how society was beginning to change. I agree with your response, it would have been very challenging to give an answer in favor of the Civil Rights Movement.