Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ain't Scared of Your Jails Response

“After the first arrest on May 24th, 1961, Freedom Riders continued to pour into Jackson. By summer's end, 300 had been arrested and sentenced.” The purpose of the Freedom Rides was to go against the Jim Crow laws and demand integration of buses in the South in 1961. There were blacks and whites who rode to fight segregation in states like Mississippi and Alabama. They were attacked in Birmingham and Montgomery by white segragationists. The people that went on the Freedom Rides wanted to abloish the segration of bus riders because it was morally and constitutionally wrong. They did this peacefully and did not fight the people who beat them.


  1. I think it is an inspiration to see that the Freedom Riders not only continued their cause while under such harsh treatment, but also that they never fought back against their attackers.

  2. all of the freedom writers sacrificed something. if not their bodies then at least their time. they are all an inspiration and what they were fighting for was very important!

  3. It was awful one bus was bombed during the rides, but then great that even though it was bombed the riders kept going and even when they couldnt find a driver for the buses they eventually found one and they kept on trucking thoughout the states! Blacks and whites did so much to help the people during the tough times.