Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ain't Scared of Your Jails

I believe that the tactics that the students used were essential in the Civil Rights movement. Using things such as boycotting local bus companies that were segregated put economic stress on those companies, pushing for desegregation in order to maintain economic stability in the community. Sit-ins were also important, as it showed that black students would not submit to the tradition of segregation, even though they were often beaten and threatened with death. These kinds of protests rarely, if ever, had violence of the students side. Non-violence was essential to the movement, as it showed that the students were willing to risk their lives to further their cause, and that they would not fight back, even in the most dire circumstances. This showed the nation that black people indeed were fighting for equal rights, but they fought through peace.


  1. I like how you wrote " the black people indeed were fighting for equal rights, but the fought through peace," because that is so true. They wanted to be treated equally and they weren't going to treat the white people badly by fighting back.

  2. The fact they fought through peace was how they won it. How can someone actually beat another person when that person is not fighting back? How incredibly inhumane some of those white people must have felt after violently beating those black people just for sitting in.