Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ain't Scared of Your Jails

I thought it was very inspirational that these students were able to organize and execute demonstrations that were so powerful. Their bravery is remarkable. Not just anyone would be willing to face mobs and get arrested. Their commitment to nonviolence is admirable, and sets a good example for the future for how to go about making a change.

I had not really thought about the fact that you would have to train yourself to be non-violent in certain situations. Your natural reaction when someone starts to beat you is to fight back, but you have to restrain yourself to make the demonstrations effective.


  1. Their ability to organize so many people and for all of those people to be working towards the same goal, non-violently, and all be so willing to accept any and all consequences was amazing. It kind of shows how fed up they all were with segregation and discrimination in the South.

  2. Though the training might see odd it really made sense because I would know how to handle my self if I was called something that terrible.