Monday, November 28, 2011

Ain't scared of your jails

In my opinion this video was great. Not too often do you get to see first hand exactly what the african Americans went through. As a kid you always hear they were beat and mistreated but the actualy video footage, for your eyes to see for themseleves was drastically different. Jim Lawson's groups where they practiced getting yelled at and beat was mind blowing, they actually practiced all this rather than just going out and sitting there. Along with the freedom rides and when they got off the bus, surrounded by mobs and the mob firstly beating the white guy almost ignoring the blacks for 30 seconds just because he was with them, what a shame and dark spot on America's past. "You remember when your parents used to say, when they whipped you, it is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you, well it hurt Pee Wee more than it hurt me". Gosh what a good quote to end the movie on, Pee Wee was forced to beat the colored man in jail because he would not let go of his bed, Pee Wee knew he was wrong for beating him, and still did it.

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