Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exploration Seven

My favorite speech is the one Al Gore had given “A Planetary Emergency”. Although I don’t completely agree with the message, I do applaud Al Gore’s ability to emphasize his claims. It does show a passion for the topic. I cannot speak for all the claims he made as true or false, because I have not looked further into them. But as a normative statement, I believe to some extent what he is saying is true in regards to global warming. But on the other hand I don’t think it is as drastic as what he is trying to say.

My favorite part of the speech is his attempt to connect climate change with HIV Aids, hunger, and other life effecting events going on in the world. This here is where I think Al Gore is trying to sell his message the most. To the reader, or even the listener of his speech, this obviously is going to be the most impacting. It is good writing on his part, he makes the writing personal, and it makes sense to put the blame to this one event. I on other hand don’t like to believe in any one single reason to be the blame for such large complicated problems.


  1. Where did Gore come from?!?! But anyways a connection with HIV just stresses the fact of how important something is, powerful connection.

  2. He seems to really care about making the planet a better place and not for his own personal gains.

  3. How can you hate Al Gore for all that he has done for the nation. He may say a few crazy but you know how politicians are.