Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ain't Scared of your Jails

Students and community members obviously started their protests because they felt they were being treated unfair and wanted equal rights. They used many tactics such as "sit-ins" and "freedom rides". I found it interesting that the sit-ins went smoothly for 2 weeks and then white people became fed up and attacked participants. I didn't know that protestors had to take training in non-violence in order to effectively carry out the protests. Non-violence meant taking a beating in many cases and it is very admirable that many did accept the consequences, however unfair. Protests often lead to arrests and one man said that "arrest became a badge of honor" which is striking to hear. I remember the arrogant white women who said that "not being allowed to give and refuse service to whomever they wanted was a violation of white people's civil rights" this is utterly ridiculous.


  1. I greatly believe what you are saying. In my personal opinion I think its horrible to think America could be so cold to people who's ancestors have been here just as long as us. And for me I have always grown up not to look at skin but to look at whats inside. I think that is one of the things the students and "blacks" wanted to get across that they are the same inside.

  2. It is really amazing what they were willing to face to get the change that they wanted. It must have been nerve wracking to know what might occur due to your actions.