Monday, October 24, 2011


Melissa Downerd

This book was very interesting, I learned in the story how the men really felt. I could imagine I was really there, as if I was right beside them watching things that were going on. I thought it was amazing how in the story Night Life when Rat Kiley shoots himself in the foot just to get released from duty because he couldn’t handle the gore. The night before Rat shot himself in the foot he said “ You know what it is, just a big banquet. Meat, man. Everybody. Meat for the bugs”(223).
Today americans are effected by their love ones who go to fight for us over seas. It takes a toll on everyone around us, due to the 9-11 airports run a much tighter ship. Privacy is something people sacrifices due to the war. Nothing is private and it is others want to know what you are doing. I do agree with this, anything should be done to keep america a save place.
I reasearched ‘war news’ and came up with some interesting articles from the New york Times, or just CNN News.

Above is a link about how our president wants to pull our troops out of Iraq and how a retired armyGen feels it is a bad idea and persuaded President Bush not to and now Obama is going to.

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