Friday, October 7, 2011

Seven Pounds

My person of inspiration is Will Smith in the movie 'Seven Pounds.' In this movie Will Smith's character, Tim Thomas, gets in a horrible accident where he inevitably kills 7 people, including his fiance. Tim was very into his career as a Aerospace Engineer and he answered a text while he was driving, this ultimately caused the crash. Tim feels so guilty about what he has caused, as you can imagine. He then comes up with a plan to save the lives of 7 strangers. First he helps his brother, Ben, who is a IRS agent; Tim gives him one of his lung lobes, saving his life. He then donates a part of his liver to a Child Service Agent, a kidney to a junior hockey coach, and bone marrow to a little boy. He then steals his brothers credentials as an IRS agent in order to find people in need and deserving of a miracle. He gives his beach house to a victim of domestic violence named Connie, along with her 2 young children. He then meets Emily Posa, whom he eventually falls in love with. She has a terminal heart condition. Tim's plan was to kill himself and donate the rest of his remaining organs to certain people, including Ezra; a blind man who needs new eyes. Right as Tim kills himself, Rosa gets news that they have found a new heart for her.

I take inspiration from his ability to be so selfless after causing such pain to so many people, though unintentional. He has such passion for these strangers, and such remorse for the 7 he killed. He took a wrong doing and made it right as best as he could. Though this is a fictional story, I somehow strive to have as much heart as Tim did. I think back to the day I got my license, when it asks whether I'd like to become an organ donor. I remember checking the 'no' box and I cannot remember why I would do that. Being selfless is difficult. Since seeing this movie, I have become a more caring person, overall. I love this movie and I recommend you see it, if you haven't already.


  1. Great movie! His compassion for other people truly is inspiring. the fact that he made a mistake and goes to such great extent to repay back his wrong doing is very admirable.

  2. I also love this movie. He has a huge heart after the crash because he feels guilty and tries to make things better by helping others.

  3. That's a really powerful story. It goes to show how big the consequences can be for making one small mistake. I think the important thing is that Will Smith's character tried to make it by helping seven other people.