Monday, October 31, 2011

Nelson Mandela/ De Klerk and South Africa

The story that stood out the most to me was the one about Nelson Mandela and Frederik Willem De Klerk. I learned from this speech that you must be willing to stand up and tell people that there is something going wrong in the place that you are in. Also that we must treat everybody as an equal that as soon as we start to separate people out is when real problems come to arise. " In practice that the normal condition fro human existence is democracy, justice, peace, non-racism, non-sexism, prosperity for everybody, a healthy environment and equality and solidarity among the peoples.

Nowadays the government had abolished the law that separated people by the colour of their skin. They have made a Bill of Rights that guarantees the personal rights of the Africans that live there. One of the biggest problems that is facing South Africa right now is the fact that it has one of the highest rates of sexual abuse out there. There is 10,000 vocal rape victims a year in South Africa. Also there is a problem with the governments fitting together properly, because the provinces are not working well with the national government. They are not working together which is causing some friction to happen witch can end out bad for the people.


  1. When you say 10k vocal rape victims is that referring to verbally raped?

  2. I think it's great that the two leaders worked together to try to fix problems in South Africa

  3. It is interesting to me how the government of South Africa could institute the changes they made to the all-white government so quickly, while it took the U.S. one hundred years after the Civil War ended to begin our Civil Rights movement to give blacks equality. Once South Africa started it's civil rights movement, it didn't stop, completely changing the government and the economy to allow blacks more freedom. It only took South Africa 30 years to change, while it took the U.S. over a hundred.