Friday, October 7, 2011

A person who inspires me is William Bowen. He holds the world’s fastest lap time for the sport of inline speed skating. He inspires me because he faces many problems in life as the rest of us do, and is a normal guy, but he was able to become the fastest skater in the world. He is an average guy, who lays flooring and does odd jobs around his home in Greensboro, North Carolina. He also has an adorable 1 year old daughter whom he spends his free time with. Being on Team USA has given him the opportunities to travel to many countries and creating many memories. One year he broke his knee skating and had to have screws and pins put in. He inspires me because I’ve had a few foot surgeries where pins, plates, and screws were put in and I thought I would never be able to be as good at even just walking, but he never gave up when he messed up his knee. So, I didn’t give up either. I figured that since his injury was far worse than mine I should be able to get over it and work past the pain too. His views on this sport agree with my views and I value that also. He is the nicest person you could ever meet and is fun to hang out with, this year I was fortunate to meet him while at Regionals in Wisconsin. I admire the way he can help out with anything you need and give advise to both kids and adults. I doubt anyone will ever know who he is outside of the sport but if you could meet him, I would suggest it.


  1. And you kick butt in competitions, yeah!
    p.s. I understand why he inspires you so much...he's cute! jk but seriously

  2. It is important to have a hero that you share struggles in. It makes it a lot easier to connect and gives you somebody to maybe follow their steps in to make it easier for you to get threw what you are going threw.