Monday, October 31, 2011

Exploration Seven

The speech the struck me the most was Kofi Annan's The United Nations in the 21st Century. I liked this speech because Annan spoke of how even though the last century was full of conflict and devastation, the world can still unite in the purpose of the common good. Annan says that "If today, after the horror of 11 September, we see better, and we see further-we will realize that humanity is indivisible." Annan has full faith that the United Nations is the key to bringing about a better world, even though people are divided over many things. He gives an example of this by stating that though there are many religions in the world, many have the same priorities of peace, non-violence, and friendship to each other. Kofi Annan's speech helped inspire me because it shows that through the unity of different peoples, we can make the world a better place.

This article talks about how the U.N. had a growing issue of not being able to effectively decide on how to manage problems throughout the world. Also, many nations refuse to submit to U.N. authority, despite it sometimes being the only place where some countries can get international attention to their problems. The work the U.N. does is still very important, but many member nations are bent on self-interests that end up paralyzing what the U.N. can do. It can only be through compromise and unity that the United Nations become as effective as it was meant to be.

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  1. Good stuff, the idea of the United States being the key is a good metaphor that gives every citizen somewhat of a sense of responsibility.