Thursday, October 6, 2011

An important figure in my life that means a lot to me is, Carlos Hathcock. Carlos Hathcock was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, on May 20, 1942. Joined the Marines right out of high school; he would soon quickly proving him as a competent shot with a rifle. Prior to his entering into the Vietnam war, Carlos had won the prestigious Wembledon Cup. Awarded to number one competitor up at Camp Perry, Ohio; the completion is a coarse of fire from the 900 yard and 1000 yard shooting to see who has the highest score.
Carlos is considered the Father of the Marine Corps Scout sniper program, Carlos was one of the most highly decorated sniper in the Vietnam War. Acclaimed to have 93 confirmed kills, Carlos has many crazy stories. But to me the one that stands out the most is when he assassinated a NVA General. Carlos basically was asked if he was willing to take an extremely dangerous mission that he could not know the details about until he was in-rout to the drop off point. He accepted the mission and soon found out that a recon patrol had earlier confirmed the presence of a NVA General, and his job was to kill him. He was dropped into the jungle alone, a good distance from where the General was supposed to be. Taking days just moving Feet in an open field covered in elephant grass. He waited to kill him till when the General was out eating his breakfast. He eliminated the general and made it out alive against all odds.
This story to me serves as an inspirational story. It’s the stuff that not even Hollywood can think of, and it turns out He did it in real life. it shows how a little determination can drive normal people can do extraordinary things. To this day Carlos Hathcock serves as one of my most inspirational people that I know about.


  1. great post about an ohio hero. i was unaware of this until now and being a huge history buff i can see why he is so important to you

  2. I did not know he was from Ohio! I enjoy inspirational stories about war heroes.