Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Siera North Intro

Hey! I'm Siera. I was raised in Lewis Center , Ohio but moved to Marion when I was 10. I graduated from Harding High School and I'm now a sophomore here at OSUM. My major is Animal Science but I think I'm transferring to Columbus State after this quarter for Vet Tech. I have a Nigerian boyfriend and I'm very interested in anything to do with Africa; I've finished the 4 Swahili classes here and I'm currently in African Studies. My birthday is Saturday, I'll be 20!

"We never knew which version of father would come home from work, true or the tainted, nor could we guess how far down the slope toward cruelty he would slide." I think this quote perfectly illustrates what is like to have a drunk in the family. You just never know how they will act or what version of themselves you will get to see that day. I think he wrote this personal story to share his struggles with people and perhaps give others a person to relate with. He is not alone in his struggle but he had to learn that, as many other children of alcoholics have to learn. I also think it was a way to deal with what he had gone through while growing up. Though the pain will always be there, i think writing this put some ease to it. What struck me most about his writing is how we now know exactly what thoughts and feelings a person would go through having been in this type of situation. The author shared very personal feelings with us and that was very interesting.

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  1. I agree with you about why he wrote the story. It definitely lets others understand what he went through. I like what you said about this story helping others, too.