Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Intro and Exploration Three - Megan S.

Hello, fellow bloggers!

My name is Megan Stultz and I am a sophomore here at OSU. My intended major is in Welding Engineering, so I have about four more years here. I listen to hard rock, metal, and sometimes classic rock. I enjoy reading “beach reads” and autobiographies, especially about people in the music industry and athletes. One of my favorite books is GIMP by Mark Zupan. Along with going to school, I work at Papa Murphy’s in Marysville and also here at the Alber Student Center for Outdoor Pursuits. In any free time I have, I train for sports and see movies with friends. I’ve been inline speed skating for about 10 years now. My favorite movies are comedies and horror.

One part of Under the Influence by Scott Russell Sanders that stuck out the most to me was when he was talking about how he felt the need to be perfect and “[his] achievement would distract the world’s eyes from his[father’s] humiliation” (203). The fact that he felt so guiltyabout his father’s drinking and that he needed to take the blame for it is really sad. Also, when he feels that it was his fault for not being able to “cure” him or make his father feel well enough to quit drinking stuck out to me.

To go along with what I previously stated, when the author wrote that his son was feeling the same way about him as the author did about his father stood out in the story also. The author never meant for the burden to be passed to his child, but by compensating for how his father was while he was growing up, the author’s son became guilty that his father’s workaholism and sadness is his fault. I believe that the author shared this very personal story so that his son could be told that the sadness he felt was not due to him but his father.

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