Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Introduction- Brittany Kocher

Hello, I’m Brittany Kocher and I live in Bucyrus. I went to Wynford High School and I was a cheerleader for football and basketball. This year, I’m coaching the Wynford Junior High Basketball cheerleaders. I have one brother, three step brothers, and one step sister. I love to listen to music and hang out with friends.

“When drunk, our father was clearly in his wrong mind. He became a stanger… he was possessed by demons.” At this part of the story, Scott is telling how his father is a totally different person when he is drunk and in the next paragraph he explains how no one could help him so he had to do something to try to help him, “I could not excuse myself.” He shared this because him and his siblings never knew which father would come home each day, either a drunk or a "tender and playful and competent man." They never wanted him to come home drunk because was a stanger to them when he was drinking. he wasnt himself. Scott blamed himself for his father being a drunk because he thought he disappointed him somehow so he felt like he had to help his father. Near the end of the passage, he talks about how his son feels responsible for his father being sad. “I write, therefore, to drag into the light what eats at me—the fear, the guilt, the shame—so that my own children may be spared.” He doesn’t want his children to suffer the things he had to while he was a child. The thing that stuck me the most in this story was how after 15 years being sober, he took a drink to retirement and became a drunk for the rest of his life. After so long, it wouldn’t be worth it to drink over something so small if there was a chance you were risking your life. It shocked me that his father became a drunk after 15 years of being sober and when he knew he was risking his life.


  1. The positive that came out of the story though was the narrator chose the path of right choices rather than follow in his father's footsteps

  2. I agree with your reaction to his father starting to drink again. He acted as if those 15 years of progress just never happened.