Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Exploration three

My name is Melissa Downerd. this is my second quarter at OSU Marion. I live on a dairy farm and is youngest of four. I like to read magazines about topics that interest me but I dont remember the last book.

"I never touched a drop", His father hid drinking from their family for years apon years, they knew he was drinking and saw him but he lied to them directly many many times about it. The writer 44 years old decided to share this personal story because even to this day ( after his father passed) still is blaming himself for his drinking problem. His own children is taking the grief of their grandfather in their own hands and his son is ten years old. His depression over this matter is carried to his son. The writer wrote this so others could relieze when someone is an alcoholic and what to do,and if that person nis an alcholic they can understand what is happening to those people around them due to their problem. It is not just effecting that person with the problem greatly but those around them is more them likely being effected more.The thing that struck me most about his writing was how honest he was. I felt when i was reading the story that i was in the story. I could picture everything, to the broken bottles in the hay to the kids waiting in the car while their dad got fuel and wine. This was very real to me and how many can relate somehow to this story. The whole time his father lied to his family, and i can relate to that.


  1. I thought this was an important quote that really displayed how troubled his father was. I also agree he did a great job of describing everything and making it real to the reader.

  2. Very good quote. I also thought it was sad how his father denied ever drinking. There were some very vivid images that made me feel what the writer felt. I do think the writer realizes that his father's drinking problem was an addiction and not his own fault.