Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Exploration 3, Brittanie Hoy

“Mother was fooled by such a hope all during the forty-odd years she Knew Greeley Ray Sanders.” Pg.200
From my understanding the author was explaining how people have a naive belief that their love can change a person’s bad habits, not realizing that this is a disease. Like most people by the time they realize the faults of the person that they are with their love has confused and blinded their judgments. He talks about how they try to hold on to the hope that the person they fell in love with will come back to them and stay. Unfortunately you only get glimpses of what could be and then brought back to reality by what lies in front of them.


  1. It sad that the author's father acted so violent at one moment and then the next moment he was this fun and nice guy. It seems though that the author's stuggles made him a better person than his dad.

  2. agree its sad but i think if we take the time to watch and listen we all learn fro our parents mistakes