Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gina Parker's introduction post

1-- I'm 24 years old and currently focusing on my academic career. I'm majoring in psychology, however I am mainly interested in a career in counseling. I was originally going for job security, basic medical field, but I enjoy helping others and working with children. I am currently a Sunday school teacher for four and five year old children. I enjoy working with them and the other opportunities I have had to help them. I spend my free time playing with my three year old daughter, jogging, reading, or anything out doors because I am very active. My music choices are all over the place. I have traveled to 16 states and Canada and Sweden, I enjoy visiting random popular and not so popular tourist sights. I have a one year old blue eyed spunky husky who is also part of my family, and a big part of me and my daughters life.

2--The writer shared this essay to help cope with depression that was not only affecting himself, but his family and friends. His children are what brought it to his attention.

The most memorable passage was in paragraph 52 "I still notice every twitch of emotion in those faces around me, having learned as a child to read the weather in faces, and I blame myself for their least pang of unhappiness of anger. In certain moods I blamed myself for everything. Guilt burns like acid in my veins." It's clear that the author of this short story feels guilty and responsible for his father's disease even though he was a small child at the time, he holds himself responsible although he is now an adult and should see it was way out of his control. I think some people can relate to this because we all have at least one situation where we have an emotion that we feel is wrong, but it almost seems out of our control.


  1. I completely agree. It's so easy to blame yourself for things that go wrong, when we need to just let go and put things behind us. We will always make mistakes, but it's how we deal with those mistakes and move on that makes us who we are.

  2. The event in his life may have made him feel guilty, but it also gave him a first hand experience on what alcoholism can do to someone. So later in life he knew to stay away from alcohol.