Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jeff Proper introduction post

Hey I'm Jeff Proper. I was born in Ohio but have lived in a couple of different states. I went to Olentangy Liberty High School and I live in Powell. I have an older sister wose is in college at Columbus State, and I currently work as a photo specialist at Walgreens.

"I listen for the turning of a key in my brain." I found this quote at the end of this story shocking because of the author's family history of addiction. It seemed to me that the author was walking a very dangerous path when drinking as he mentioned in the story, even if he only drank a little bit. I think the author wrote this story to find some sort of escape from his troubled past. Writing this story was really a way to lessen the pain he suffered as a child.

The author is really standing on the edge of a cliff, one false step with his own drinking and he will be sent tumbling down into oblivion just as his father had. The quote at the end of the story made is seem like the author almost knew that some part of his father lived within him, and he seems to think that it will be his fathers alcoholic past. It seems that the demons that tormented the author's father will live within him also, a memory of a destroyed life.


  1. I totally agree with you, I think the author might have used his writing as an escape. I like your metaphore with the cliff..very interesting! And yes I also think that the author knew that a part of his father lived within him, so that's why he had to make sure he didn't drink much at all.

  2. I like the cliff metaphor, and your use of vocab. Seems like you have a good understanding on writing!

    -OLHS Students wasssssup.

  3. Good stuff that's for sure, the metaphor of him drinking and the key starting is a solid quote. At least the narrator is aware of the dangerous line he is on and makes the right choice of not tumbling.