Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mustafa's intro and exploration three

Hi my name is Mustafa from the capital city of Amman in the small country in Jordan located in the Middle East region of the world. My major is Microbiology. I have a passion for soccer, volleyball, football, history and science. My goals for this class are simple, earn a good grade and learn new things about reading and writing.

"I do not wish to compete to determine who has suffered most. I am only trying to understand the corrosive mixture of helplessness, responsibility, and shame that I learned to feel as the son of an alcoholic." The quote is by Scott Russel Sanders explaining his goal for this essay and the effects his fat6her's alcoholism had on him as a child. I believe Sanders writes this essay for multiple reasons one of which being that he is "trying to understand the corrosive mixture" that he learned to feel as a "son of an alcoholic." Then towards the end of his essay he adds that, "I am moved to write these pages now...therefore to drag into the light what eats at me-the fear, the guilt, the shame-so that my own children may be spared." He believes that by writing he may prevent the same nature of events that happened to him as a child from happening to his children. What stuck to me most from the writing was his honesty and his simple descriptions of his father to go so far as to call his own father "pathetic" and "neither funny nor honest." Perhaps this is strange to me because I could never imagine myself calling my own father a fool even he was a drunk or an addict. I have a tendency to sugar coat things and hide the true nature of my family problems.

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  1. I think that at some point we all want to think of our family member's in the best light. I remember when one of my family member's came to visit over the summer and I tried to suger coat the nasty comments that she made about me but it still hurt me either way I looked at it.