Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Exploration 3

My name is Maria and I am majoring in communications and my minor is in Spanish. I graduated from Elgin High School in 2010 and this is my second year at Ohio State University at Marion. I like to listen to Sheryl Crow music and my favorite television show is Pawn Stars. I have a brother named Hank who is younger than me. My favorite colors are blue and black.

“The secret bores under the skin, gets into the blood, into the bone, and stays there.”(pg 195) The author describes his father’s alcoholism as having to keep it a secret but it will stay with you forever in the memories and is a part of him. The writer tried to convey that alcoholism or diseases like it were not spoken of when he was a child to others. The alcoholism as he vividly describes changed his father from a fun loving guy into a mean and nasty person. The author wants to use the story to share with others that have to endure this that they are not alone. Also he wants those same people to not blame themselves for the alcoholic’s choices because it is for whatever reason their choice to drink. He spoke of trying to be the best he could be but the thing was that no matter how much he excelled his father got worse and he realized that his dad had the problem. I learned from the author that unfortunately there is nothing you yourself can do for an alcoholic. I felt very sorry for the author but realized that he learned what his own limits were with alcohol and did not cross that line because he saw what happened to his father.


  1. I think they should have talked about it more. Ignoring the problem doesn't solve anything, as we have seen in this story. I personally talk about all my problems with my friends and it really does help. At least we see that, through his writing, he has come to terms with it and somehow dealt with it through words in writing rather than speech.

  2. I agree that they should have talked about it more, but I think there are some things that you just can't talk about. It can be almost impossible to try to explain what you're feeling and thinking when you're having problems like Sanders and his family were. But at least trying to talk about it would have improved things.