Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello. My name is Matthew Lee Adrian. I wear the white Texas hat daily and have since

about 6th grade, not the same one, I have multiple ones. I also won 3rd place in the WSOP

tournament. Ta daa.

“…drunkards would not inherit the kingdom of God…Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shalt not drink.” (pg 197)

I landed on this quote because when I read it, I was struck with the eternal passive

meaning. That to me is very strong and powerful. Eternal, forever, non-ending, infinity, is what

comes to my mind. For his father being an alcoholic bought him a spot in hell. For myself, a

believer of God, when I am informed of being a compulsive drinker will not inherit the kingdom

of God is certainly and strong statement. Not only would their life here on earth be wasted but

also forever in hell. That is exactly what happened to the narrator’s father. Now I am not here

saying he is in hell for sure, but the way the narrator made it sound, his father has a slim chance

not to be. Being sober for 15 years, what a great feat for someone in his father’s shoes after

drinking day after day. But after retirement, he fell right back into the drinking, the non-stop

indulging of alcohol. This is a terribly sad story because not only is this true, but also because it

happens to many other children to. The narrator’s childhood was virtually flipped around

compared to the society “normal” childhood. He lived in fear of his father, when I, myself have a

father as a best friend. Another thing about the narrator was, he made the best out of what he

had. What a great trait to have. He learned from his childhood rather than follow in his father’s

footsteps, which could have easily happened.

To sum how truly powerful this story is in about a page of writing is not worthy. But I

think it is safe to safe we all can agree after reading a story like this, it makes you take a step

back and look at your own life. Look at your own life and appreciate what you have, and what

you have been blessed with, worked for, and strive for.


  1. I can't understand why he risked his life after 15 years being sober to become a drunk again just because he retired.

  2. The only way to understand why someone would go back to their old ways, in my opinion is because of a nervous breakdown, stress, or a past craving of the addiction coming back